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Thank you for awesome moments!

Next year the competition will be scheduled for August 31 – September 1, 2024

The Hradec Kralove Open is one of the oldest competitions in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.


Professional photography was provided by WJAMM

Senior V

This year, for the first time, we have included the Senior V competition. As it is not a WDSF competition, we present the results here:

1.4Cech, Bohumil / Cechova, PavlaCzech Republic
2.1Nishio, Harukazu / Nishio, SeikoJapan
3.2Viktor, Hoeschele / Anny-Edith, HoescheleGermany
4.3Ozerskis, Aleksandrs / Ozerska, IrinaLatvia
5.5Banfi, Antal / Salgo, MariannHungary


This year was the 34th year of this competition.

We believe that in the future the Hradec Králové Open – WDSF INTERNATIONAL OPEN & WDSF Open in various variations will be one of the most popular competitions because of its organizational readiness, transport accessibility and great conditions in Hradec Králové.