The Hradec Kralove Open is one of the oldest competitions in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.
This year is the 32nd year of this competition.

Starting couples in all competitions: 410

During the time we have been organizing this competition, we have brought participants from more than 65 countries to Hradec Kralove for the international dance competition.

Open in various variations, to be one of the most sought-after competitions for its organizational readiness, transport accessibility and great conditions in Hradec Kralove.

The competition is held as part of the REGINA – programme of outstanding events. The competition is under the auspices of Mgr. Martina Berdychova – Deputy Governor of the Hradec Kralove Region.

16.10.2021Star couples WDSF Open Youth LAT:
47 Ondrej Vokurka / Eliska Hrebickova Czech Republic
54 Tauras Zemaitis / Greta Suslaviciute Lithuania
12.10.2021Here we go! We have started preparing the dance floor for you and the whole Aldis Cultural Centre is looking forward to your dance performances. The areas will be divided into areas for competitors (changing rooms, arrival and departure to the dance floor, preparation at the dance floor) and areas for the audience (at the dance floor and on the balcony around the dance floor). The rules of the COVID 19 guidelines apply to all.
11.10.2021Added the option to perform an antigen test when entering the place of competition (Aldis Center). The price is set at 2 EUR or 50 CZK.
9.10.2021Change of time deadlines for check-in:
Open class B STT on Saturday 14:45
Open class B LAT on Saturday 15:30
Open class A STT on Sunday 14:45
Open class A LAT on Sunday 15:00
WDSF Open Senior III LAT on Sunday 16:30
5.10.2021COVID 19 – To enter/participate in the competition, everyone must meet at least one of the following conditions:
1) Certificate of completed vaccination
2) Negative PCR test – laboratory confirmation in English
3) Laboratory confirmation of COVID 19 disease (no more than 180 days)
4) Antigen test at the entrance of competition place (KC ALdis). There is a fee of 2 EUR / 50 CZK.
3.10.2021Corrected information about WDSF Open rising stars STT+LAT competition. This is a WDSF competition.
20.9.2021If you are interested in transportation from/to Václav Havel Airport in Prague, please contact the competition organizer, Michaela Pace at happymisanda@hotmail.com
15.9.2021We have arranged accommodation in our partner hotel Alessandria. Please mention the password HKopen when booking.
13.9.2021Registration is now running. If you have any problems, please contact us at hkopen2021@gmail.com
2.9.2021Negotiations are underway for competitions. Registration will be opened as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
13.8.2021Launching the web presentation.